Harmon Maxwell


Weapon Master/Martial Artist



Place of Birth:

Chicago, Illinois

Date of Birth:

28 April, 1978

Hair/Eye Color:



5' 10" / 190 lbs


Solo Hero


Harry Maxwell was a man who loved watching things blow up. But that could describe any man, right?

Harry’s love of explosives led him to the military, where he excelled in the munitions corps. After that, he took his demolitions expertise to the police force, working for both the bomb squad and the SWAT team.

He quickly grew frustrated, however, with the ineffectiveness of the police department to actually fight crime. By the time the SWAT team got called in, the situation was already at a crisis point, and even then, it seemed that most of his time was spent sitting, waiting, and eventually doing nothing. He needed to get where the action was, but there was precious little for him to do; unexpected for a crime-ridden city like this one.

He realized that the only way to fight crime was to fight it before it involved the entire squad. And the way to do that was to handle it himself. He adapted a SWAT uniform into a black full-body jumpsuit, and added twin bandoliers of grenades.

Personality and MotivationsEdit

Bombardier loves to make things go boom. His heart is in the right place, but his methods are considered extreme by some (well, okay, by most). His desire is to capture criminals for the justice system to process, and doesn’t mind incurring respectable property damage along the way.


“Incoming! Heh.”

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bombardier doesn't actually have any powers, per se. Instead, he throws grenades. In fact, even though he’s highly skilled at using firearms, he doesn’t even carry one with him when he’s in costume – only grenades. Granted, he has some “specialty” grenades, but the only way for him to attack a single individual is hand-to-hand.

His grenades cover the gamut from ordinary fragmentation grenades to pyrotechnics (i.e. fireworks displays) to tear gas to paint. One of his more unusual devices is his chaff grenade, which explodes into a cloud of tiny metallic “confetti” flakes slowly drifting downward. This confetti interferes with radio communications within its cloud, and also with firearms and other projectiles, as they are knocked off-course by the hundreds of fragments.

Bombardier has 24 grenade pouches on his costume, so that’s all he carries. He figures that if he can’t solve a problem with two dozen bombs, it’s somebody else’s problem.


Harmon is a black male in his early 30s, 5’10” and 190 lbs. He keeps his hair regulation-short, but keeps his temples unshaved so that they look like sideburns. He is well-muscled as a result of his SWAT training, and has a commanding baritone voice.

Bombardier wears a black bodysuit, with 24 grenade pouches. Goggles conceal his eyes, and a full facemask conceals the rest of his face.

Credit Where Credit Is DueEdit

Bombadier is based on an NPC created by Dave Thomley.