Burning Desire was the title of a nude pictorial featured in the April 1991 issue of Playboy Magazine. The pictorial featured an obviously superhuman woman identified only as "Heatwave" in various stages of undress (not to mention various stages of immolation... the article accompanying the pictorial mentioned she could generate and control fire). Identification of the woman's true identity was impossible because she not only wore a mask in every picture, she kept the hair on her head "aflame" to prevent identification as well (though, as one waggish subscriber put it in a letter to the magazine, "at least we can tell she's a real redhead").

Two years later, a woman calling herself Heatwave debuted as a costumed crimefighter in Memphis, Tennessee. The crimefighter confirmed that she was the same woman as in the pictorial. She gladly signs copies of the centerfold to anyone who presents it to her in a polite and non-intrusive manner. The centerfold picture from this pictorial remains one of the most popular nude pinups in the world, and a signed copy once sold for almost $200 on e-Bay.