In 1995, the United Nations uncovered evidence that the People's Republic of China had, for the previous 24 years, been following a program of breeding together metagene-positives. The ultimate goal of this program was to create a virtual army of superhumans, all trained and answerable to the Chinese government. The subjects of the program were bred together using the same processes by which dog or horse breeders improve their stock. The ultimate success rate of this program is unknown, but it is suspected that it wasn't as high as the Chinese government expected. Tales of unknown superhumans rampaging through small Chinese villages and of unexpected military purges have been escaping China since 1976.

All attempts to sanction the Chinese government were vetoed by various members of the UN Security Council.

While there has been no official confirmation from the Chinese government, it is believed that the program was closed down shortly after it was uncovered.

The government of the People's Republic of China created and continues to sponsor the largest team of superhuman crimefighters in the world. The People's Revolutionary Metahuman Collective has over forty members, each of whom defends the people of China from all sorts of threats. As a team, their size is rivaled only by the Major Arcana of Tarot.