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The Butlerverse is my slowly-evolving superhero campaign setting, first created back in 1983 for use with Champions! The Superhero Roleplaying Game, created by Hero Games. Since then it has evolved slowly as I have added to, deleted from, and altered the basic campaign information.

This is a parallel world, quite similar to our own in some ways, but in others very, very different. The geography is identical, barring the presence of a handful of nations, cities, islands, and other places not found on any real map. Life developed along the same lines, with a few additions. History followed pretty much the same course. The biggest difference between The Butlerverse and the real world is the existence of costumed adventurers, some of whom possess powers and abilities far beyond those of common mankind. These beings influenced the world both actively and passively, and this influence is readily apparent.

The spirit of the The Butlerverse is rooted in Comic Books. I was a collector as a kid (and as an adult, if I am to be brutally honest; I really only stopped collecting individual issues of comic books in 2006... I still buy the occasional trade paperback or hardbound collection of issues, but I no longer go to the comics shop intent on picking up a dozen individual comics issues anymore) and loved to read the stories with flashy heroes doing flashy things to preserve justice and help the little guy. I've tried to keep The Butlerverse as realistic as possible, while simultaneously striving for the four-color feel I loved when reading the comics I collected while growing up. My aim was to recreate the best elements of the comic book world, while acknowledging that the real world is a pretty neat place as well.

So this is the latest incarnation of my very own comic book universe. Have fun!

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