The Prime Movers




Active Supervillain Team

Home Region:

United States and Europe


Post-Modern Age


Gyro, Quick, Speed Demon, Velocity

History and OriginsEdit

Seven years ago, while Rafael "Velocity" Ortega waited out his last "vacation" in Stronghold, he thought about what had gone wrong with his plans to be a supervillain. Despite a promising start (in which he stole $100,000 in emeralds from the Fisher Museum in Key West, Florida), he kept getting caught, arrested, and sentenced to prison. This was the first time he was sent to the Orbital, but he knew he'd probably be back. Eventually, after long thought, he figured out what he needed: backup.

When his jail term was up he went searching for people who were as fast (if not faster) than he was, and had the same love of getting rich very quickly.

And the rest was history...

The Prime Movers are a quartet of supervillains, each with the power to move with great speed. They specialize in smash and grab robberies, and are little more than thieves who can move very quickly. They sometimes hire themselves out to other villains as backup or as a distraction. They have shown great disregard for the safety of others in the past, and while they have not yet killed anyone, most people in authority feel that it's just a matter of time. In combat, each Prime Mover will single out a separate target and concentrate on them, only moving to double- or triple-team an opponent who seems truly dangerous.


The Prime Movers have one goal and one goal alone: living the high life. They steal to support extravagant lifestyles, to support drug habits, and just to have fun stealing things.

Internal RelationsEdit

The members of the Prime Movers are all friendly, for the most part, and loyal. They most likely wouldn't die for one another, but they do watch out for the other members of the group. Despite the loose and rather frenetic nature of the group, they all tend to follow Velocity's lead. This may be because they realize that he is the "brains" behind the organization. Or it could be that they feel that since he hasn't ever really lead them astray, he should be in charge.

Velocity and Quick are romantically involved, though he takes the relationship much more seriously than she does. The others have on again off again relationships with random people. Gyro keeps himself distant, but not enough for the others to get suspicious. They know him by a false name, and believe he is French Canadian. Gyro's been very careful to not let the other members of the Prime Movers to know about his history of pedophilia or his conviction for child molestation.