In comics, costumes for female characters will often be impractically sexy for its chosen application. Spies dress up in form-fitting catsuits even when the mission explicitly calls for them to not be noticed. Sword-swinging warriors will charge into battle wearing chainmail bikinis that barely provide modesty coverage, much less offer protection from wounds. Bridge officers of a starship wear go-go boots and mini-skirts as part of their uniform.

Powered Armor worn and used by female characters will have sexual characteristics (you know... breasts) added to them. Sometimes, even robots modeled after women will have a set of dome-like tin cans on their chests and their feet will be shaped like high-heel boots.

This sort of thing is common in any genre where men represent the majority of the audience. It can be a self-fulfilling cycle: the exploitive wardrobe choices can be a turn-off to potential female fans. Superhero comic books are especially guilty in this regard.

It should be pointed out that most male superheroes aren't exactly modestly clad, either. It is typical for them to go into battle wearing what amounts to a single coat of primary-colored paint over their ridiculously over-defined bodies. Superman and Spider-Man especially fight supervillains wearing costumes so tight that, if worn in real life, you'd be able to tell what religion they were.